LockingONE with KPOP

This is LockingONE, the leader of 'Rolling Hands', a representative female locking dance team in Korea.

I’ve been active as a locking dancer domestically and abroad for more than 10 years. I’ve also been collaborating and communicating with many people as a performance artist and as a player.

Locking dance can be easily learned by anyone, regardless of age or gender. The more you know it, the more attractive it is. I always enjoy new challenges and building communities with new people. 

Locking dance fits well with this part of my personality and naturally I’ve been happily dancing till now.

"Enjoy, develop, create, everything in the world will come differently depending on your mindset."

This is my philosophy which I put into practice.

- LockingONE 지혜원 -

The leader of ‘Rollinghands’

"Rookie of the Year Award" in the dance section of the Hallyu Hip-Hop Culture Awards

Choreography Directing and Dance Unit at Concert of Lee Moonse  

“Juste debout” Korean national team contest, 2nd place

Taiwan Max Party “ROUTINE COMPETITION” Winner


Great Showman Dance Audition, 1st place

M.NET “Hit the stage” Hyoyeon Crew Locking Performance

"My locking class is fun and easy to follow.

You can feel accomplishment by practicing as if you are exercising step by step, rather than learning the lists of movements.

After having fun exercising with exciting music, my body will naturally become a dancer. "

LockingONE with kPoP class?


Simple stretching (relaxes wrists, ankles, waist, neck, and thighs)

Rhythm training

Rhythm training (finding a rhythm that fits the concept of beat and music)

Basic movements

Learning basic movements (based on 8 movements and 5 steps of locking)

Locking to the music!

Connect a routine and tune into the music

LockingONE with kPoP together

  1. Beginners level. New movements in each class
  2. Movements are suitable in a small space, no need to worry about making noise.
  3. This class can be enjoyed by everyone from teens to 40s. Recommended for people who are new to dancing, who have learned to lock but want to do it correctly / who want to know what movements are, and those who need to exercise but cannot do it alone.  
  4. After class, you will be confident to dance to any music.
  5. You will be able to train your body in a healthy and fun way by pursuing the correct use of body.