Full body workout that focuses on flexibility, stabilization and  strength endurance training!

Join me on building the foundations to your fitness journey!

Maurice has been cultivating a lifestyle of health and fitness since he was 15 years old, when he played American football. The game of American Football has taught him the ideals of discipline, consistency, comradery, and reliance of a team. Furthering his fitness pursuits, Maurice graduated with a bachelors in science, majoring in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine at the University of Memphis. During his collegiate studies, he worked in the corporate fitness industry for over 6 years, working in customer service and sales for more than 4 years at 24 Hour Fitness, and nearly 2 years as a certified personal trainer at Lifetime Fitness.

Currently, Maurice is preparing for his National Academy of Sports Medicine personal training certification to continue his journey in fitness to influence others who are on their own fitness journey, and contribute to the communities and the city of Seoul. He is honored to be a vessel and thrilled to to guide you in your pursuit for a healthy and fit lifestyle.





These variables of training are the foundations of exercise because they focus on proper muscle balance and the endurance of stabilization muscles. These variables of training will lead you into higher phases of training such as hypertrophy training, maximal strength, and power training.

The workout will be functional and it will be at a tempo and intensity that promotes proper form and technique to avoid injuries. Higher tempos and intensities will be encouraged, but only through proper method.

Warms up and cool downs are included to get the full benefits of your workout so you can continue your day (or night) feeling strong, mobile, and able~

Most importantly this workout will be enjoyable because it’s made to bring the best out of you. Anyone can do this workout not because it’s full-body with no equipment, but because it’s made for EVERYONE to do.


Turner JR

Join me on building the foundations to your fitness journey!