JNA Dance Class


The class will teach choreography based on hip hop dance.

We will lean choreography for 2~3 songs, beginners and people who've already learned hip hop are all welcome. 

Feel the joy of learning different genre of dances other than KPOP!

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Johna Dance Class

Commercial DANCE CLASS

Students will learn the different skills needed for working in the commercial dance industry. 

We'll focus on the basics: working through movement needed 

when doing music videos, commercials, movies, and more.

I focus a lot on confidence and performance. 

Most dances classes give a strong emphasis on learning choreography, 

but I like to break it down to give the fundamental skills as well.

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Locking Dance Class


The leader of ‘Rollinghands’

"Rookie of the Year Award" in the dance section of the Hallyu Hip-Hop Culture Awards

Choreography Directing and Dance Unit at Concert of Lee Moonse 

“Juste debout” Korean national team contest, 2nd place

Taiwan Max Party “ROUTINE COMPETITION” Winner


Great Showman Dance Audition, 1st place

M.NET “Hit the stage” Hyoyeon Crew Locking Performance

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HUNY Dance Class

The Choreography Class

The choreography class is not a traditional K-pop dance, but a creative choreography class. 

Therefore, the difficulty of the class is a bit high, so the goal is not to simply follow it, 

but to teach you the choreography delicately and accurately. 

I will help you memorize and master the choreography 

so that you can dance properly even in small portions.

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Flowerbomb Dance Class

Burlesque Dance Class

Soul meets body through sexy and unique movement. 

This class is designed to give you the foundation of burlesque through various 101 techniques, 

like Bump & Grind as well as to bring out your inner burlesque god/goddess. 

You will also learn choreography, floorwork, and transitions 

while having fun interacting with other members in class. 

Students should wear comfortable clothing and get ready to move that body.

Burlesque is for everyBODY. All dance experience levels, genders, ages and body types are welcomed. 

Modifications offered

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